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Marine Diesel

We at Casey’s Oil are proud to supply businesses in our Newport County and Bristol County community with top-quality marine diesel. In addition to heating oil and diesel fuel for other applications, we want to make sure that everyone from local fishermen to barges to sailboats has access to the kind of marine diesel fuel that we’ve been supplying Rhode Island’s coastal businesses with faithfully since 1993.


Barge Diesel Delivery

By land or sea, Casey’s has you covered. Our barge delivers ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), the preferred diesel fuel for safe, efficient operation of your marine vehicles. Know that wherever you may be, Casey’s can reach you for all of your diesel needs. Request a diesel delivery for your boat or ship by contacting us here!



Truck Diesel Delivery

Looking for marine diesel on shore in the Newport, Rhode Island area? We offer truck delivery of our ULSD fuel for all of your boating needs. Whether for your business or for recreational boating, we at Casey’s Oil would be happy to be your diesel provider of choice. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a diesel delivery right here on our website, or call our office at (401) 848-5945.